Sunday, December 27, 2009

to market to market......

off to the Portarlington markets this morning, I found this jewellery stall.

so I had to share this with you!!

not many jewellery stalls really grab me. This one, I could NOT ignore!!

I absolutely had to have these wooden earings

they are by a Melbourne Artist who's business is called Owl and Fox

be sure to check out her blog at:

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

an apron for Annie

so I have been some what obsessed with aprons lately, actually for a while now!!
the big problem was with deciding what to buy for my mother in law for christmas. in need of nothing, wants nothing! Suddenly it dawned on me. Annie is an apron wearer from way back. After seeing my sister in law in one of Annie's aprons that I wouldn't be caught dead in, that was it. a fancy shmancy apron, so you feel dressed up even with it on!!
I really want to keep it myself! which I figure is the sign of a good pressie. will she like it? who knows! I do, I think it's a great gift. So off to wrap it up now, an apron for Annie!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

she's gone shirring mad!!

It seems I've gone completely shirring mad!
it is so addictive and everything just looks so
absolutely cute!
There are so many tutorials on how to do it, you really must give it a go!
I plan to have a whole range ready for the Tranquility Fair
in Ocean Grove on Jan 2nd 2010!
be sure to put it on your calendar, and drop by to say hello!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Fishing in the O.G.!

how lucky are we to live in the beautiful coastal town of Ocean Grove
Here is my husband, a wannabe fisherman!!
Nick from Ocean Grove Fishing Charters
took him out the other day to teach him a thing or two!
Here he is with a Mako shark he reeled in along with some snapper and a bag of flathead!
check out Nick's website for more info
or call Nick on 0408 547 542