Wednesday, September 22, 2010

My Creative Space...

hello there, from the depths of my piles of sewing, cleaning and general life mess!!I have been absent from my blogging world for a while,
so thought it time to grab a coffee and drop on in to say HI.
so much going on in preparation for the very first
FAIRY FLOSS MARKETS in Doncaster on October 3rd
aswell as the custom orders, I've been flat chat amongst my piles of half finished treasures!
I managed this week to make my very first bias binding ever!
in my head it seemed so much harder than it turned out to be, I needed a special piece for a custom order top, that no plain colour would quite do!
must say, I am very pleased and ended up with an extra 6 meters of it.

and here some one off tunic dresses for the markets using up some leftover pieces of fabric, trying ever so desperately to clear some shelves in my sewing room.
I have banned myself from anymore fabric purchases until at least one shelf is empty.
really, one does not need to stockpile as I have been doing.
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see you next time xx

Saturday, September 11, 2010

handmade christmas challenge...

fair trade fashion workers
a goat couple

More than twenty million workers in the developing world are employed to produce the fashions the rest of the world wears — but workers are still paid too little to support themselves and their families. You can give the most amazing gifts to many of the worlds struggling people this christmas. instead of spending huge amounts of money on unwanted and unneeded gifts, take a good look at the bigger picture!! pop over and visit the oxfam store to see what you can purchase. a little bit of fair trade fashion!! a goat couple!!

When you buy a gift from the catalogue, your donation helps support OXFAM programs that the gift represents. In return, you’ll get to give a card to the recipient explaining how their special gift is helping others. So not only will your gift giving abilities look good, everyone will feel great too.
so while you are making your christmas special and handmade this year, take into consideration, that this is another amazing gift that helps out those who really need it!!
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Thursday, September 9, 2010

my creative space...

my creative space has been full of orders for people the last few weeks,
which seemed a little boring to be blogging about!
so I actually haven't blogged in quite sometime...
here is another stack of orders ready to be sent out!!
so being fairly on top of the orders, I couldn't help myself but to make this cute little swing top for myself for summer!!
a nice lightweight cotton check
I thought it would look cute with a belt around the middle.
am also contemplating putting some pretty white lace trim on the bottom...

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