Saturday, June 2, 2012

oh where oh where have you been for the last year!?!

so, here I am after much laziness. or is it just busy?
I am still flat chat with 5 star, baby!
plus my new photography business which I am loving
after many years, to get back into my passion of photography,
I am loving it again!!
be sure to pop by either of my facebook pages to find out our latest happenings.
Katie xx

Sunday, July 3, 2011

a gorgeous sunday...

a gorgeous drive with the family...
plans to have a photo shoot for some of my new ranges coming out, the hardest part is always finding a location that is spectacular...

this old door above is a favourite of mine, I walk past it regularily and had to use it as a back drop

we drove past this old post office, perfect red door!!
the kids had lot's of fun jumping off the steps, but the laughter can't last forever...hahaha, it wouldn't be a family day without some tears. LOVE IT!!

after returning home, I indulged myself in these gorgeous macarons from the clever girls at 'the inspired occasion'

I didn't share, and I ate them in about 3 minutes flat, and that was me trying to savour them!

so my verdict, DELICIOUS!!

caramel was definately my fav.

be sure to pop over and check out their new webstore open now!!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

a little lampshade love...

I am sooo inlove with bizarre lampshades chandeliers and the like at the moment,

after having only batten fittings throughout our house, it was time for some bling

so above is some trim I attatched to a plain shade for our bedroom,

a little glamour....

and these ones I made using chicken wire then glued on some trims and attatched some butterflies and birds.

they look so cute!!

for a little (or a lot) of inspiration pop on over here

Monday, May 23, 2011

cushion swap-o-rama!!

I decided to take part in a fabulous cushion swap organised by Vic over at Punky & Me

first swap I've ever done. cause I'm usually too disorganised to do such things.

ok so I get the email today that it was postal day for our cushions!!

ummm, well, can I just say I was at work today and missed the post.

and ummm, well I'd been thinking lot's about making the cushion, but just had not yet actually done it. (and there's that disorganisation!)

so after choking down my dinner, chucking the kids into bed, and totally ignoring the husband, I got to it and voila!!

and why is this photo sideways you ask. beats me!

I had screen printed the fabric a while back and had been meaning to make cushions with it.

the design although it looks like a feather, is actually seaweed that I collected on a cruise down the river in our kayak

as red is my fav. colour, I had to add it on the back. nice contrast to go with the classic design on the front.

I hope my receiver enjoys it

pop on over here to check out links to all the other fab cusions!!

can't wait to get mine, I will share pic's when it arrives!!

Monday, April 18, 2011

living on the edge...

I have become a very absent blogger, oh well, me bad!!

sometimes somethings gotta give, and generally its the blog.

whilst I love to peruse all y'alls blogs, I feel I have no energy left to write up witty posts myself.

I had to print up these tee's cause that is so often me!!

I always blog about being a bad blogger, I promise to be better, and well, I never come through with the goods. so sorry...

but be sure to check out my facebook page,

as I get on there regularily with my new designs and my where abouts!!

I do however promise, when I have something exciting to write about, I will most certainly drop back in!!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

my baby boy is turning 5!!

my, what a squishy nose you have!!
my little squishy bundle, well, big really 9lb1oz
off to kinder this year.
on saturday he will turn 5!!
so thought I'd have a look at the photos from when he was born...

I was so happy about you turning 5, you are so excited.
your very own party at a play centre, (cause having it at home mum, is so dodgy!)
little did I know that looking back through the photos would have me in tears!!
how young your brother and sister were...
how much you now look like your brother...
and those cherub faces that are nolonger squishy puffy cheeks...
the pure excitement about your arrival...
my babies are growing up!!
now blow out your candles and make a wish,
and let it not be that you grow up too quickly xx

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Things I love...

cooking with my mini chef!!