Thursday, November 18, 2010

My Creative Space...

I know, absent again. best put me in the naughty corner.
at least make sure that corner is in my sewing room please!!!
so so busy with so many markets coming up.
so many orders.
I just love it.
I have made these new hats after a few trials and not being happy with the visor shape, I have finally come up with a peak that doesnt stand out like a ducks bill!!
so lucky I was 'allowed' to use my sisters set of hat blocks for the photography.
she was given them by our grandma who was a milliner.
an amazing lady who inspires me in every way imaginable.
this design was supposed to be for me!
as a licensed fabric, it is not available for sale
but my son got his hands on this one.
I guess it is appropriate really.
Felix the Cat in the Hat!!
for more creative spaces head on over
keep on crafting, living & loving xx