Saturday, February 27, 2010

My Little Monster Cat turns 4!!

well, babies in our house are officially finished!!
our baby, the cat turned 4 yesterday
he even got to have his own party with his own friends of his choosing.
such a big boy now! got a new scooter and hopper ball,
that he has not stopped hopping through the house on
let's just say, he really has gone hopping mad!!

such beautiful presents
a magnificent quilt made by grandma
hand pieced and quilted
a true piece of artwork!
well. thats it. my baby is 4!
what more can I say. on to bigger and better (and more grown up) things!!


  1. Gorgeous big 4 year old. He is looking mighty happy...

  2. He looks very pleased to be 4! You're right they aren't babies once they get to 4, aaaahhh, torn between cherishing every last moment & wishing the time away!!