Wednesday, April 14, 2010

hellooooo new shoes.....

what more can I say.
I love shoes.
I really love shoes.
I really love these shoes!


  1. I love bowling shoes! Seriously, I really do love them.

  2. I'm not surprised, they're really lovely!

  3. They are great. I tried to pull myself off the couch to come to your sale tonight but alas the closest I got was the computer room! Sorry. Hope it went well.

  4. it was great. im keeping it going til friday midday, still a number of things available, incase you still want to have a look, check it out on facebook!

  5. Mel and I are keen as mustard to take you up on your offer of sewing tuition. Name the day and time that best suits you oh wise crafty one, and we'll be there. Just to narrow that down slightly - I don't work on Wed and Thurs and weekends are great too. Thanks for offering. Hope you don't regret it. I have absolutely no idea how to operate my machine!

  6. sounds like great fun!!
    I don't work wed. or thurs either, so either day works for me. I have a huge work room, with a big table so you can both bring your machines. email me and we will sort it out
    Katie xx