Saturday, September 11, 2010

handmade christmas challenge...

fair trade fashion workers
a goat couple

More than twenty million workers in the developing world are employed to produce the fashions the rest of the world wears — but workers are still paid too little to support themselves and their families. You can give the most amazing gifts to many of the worlds struggling people this christmas. instead of spending huge amounts of money on unwanted and unneeded gifts, take a good look at the bigger picture!! pop over and visit the oxfam store to see what you can purchase. a little bit of fair trade fashion!! a goat couple!!

When you buy a gift from the catalogue, your donation helps support OXFAM programs that the gift represents. In return, you’ll get to give a card to the recipient explaining how their special gift is helping others. So not only will your gift giving abilities look good, everyone will feel great too.
so while you are making your christmas special and handmade this year, take into consideration, that this is another amazing gift that helps out those who really need it!!
for more handmade christmas pop on over here!


  1. I love this idea! I suggested a goat to my family last year, I really think it's a shame to spend money on things people don't need or particularly even like at christmas, but they struggled with the idea...I'm going to try again this year..I really don't want another wallet from someone's thai holiday...

  2. Wonderful idea. I think this would be a great idea to raise at my work where we can all chip in and buy a herd of goats for someone.