Thursday, October 7, 2010

my creative space...

my brothers wedding this weekend, of course I left my dress til yesterday to make.
heaps of time, incase it didnt work out, to make something else!!
I made up the pattern, which I have to say is my fav. for summer.
I also make this in a cotton floral to wear to the markets last weekend.
so comfortable and stylish if I do say so myself!!
oh and another thing, I bought the shoes, then made the necklace thingy to match the shoes, then had to find or make a dress to match those!
nothing like doing things all jumbled!!

next, if I get time, I will make a purse to go with it!
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  1. Wait, you made the pattern and the dress?! It's gorgeous! You are one clever lady!

  2. That dress is stunning! It's such a flattering style, you're very clever. LOVE the accessories too, you'll be a knockout!

  3. You're so clever! That dress looks great. I can see it would be good in a summery fabric for the markets. Well done!

  4. Stunning! Gorgeous! Fabulous! All of it, but I completely adore the necklace (huge fan of red things!). Well done!! :-)

  5. It's amazing. I love the necklace, so striking. x