Sunday, July 3, 2011

a gorgeous sunday...

a gorgeous drive with the family...
plans to have a photo shoot for some of my new ranges coming out, the hardest part is always finding a location that is spectacular...

this old door above is a favourite of mine, I walk past it regularily and had to use it as a back drop

we drove past this old post office, perfect red door!!
the kids had lot's of fun jumping off the steps, but the laughter can't last forever...hahaha, it wouldn't be a family day without some tears. LOVE IT!!

after returning home, I indulged myself in these gorgeous macarons from the clever girls at 'the inspired occasion'

I didn't share, and I ate them in about 3 minutes flat, and that was me trying to savour them!

so my verdict, DELICIOUS!!

caramel was definately my fav.

be sure to pop over and check out their new webstore open now!!


  1. These pictures are super cute!!


  2. haha love the 4rth photo! so cute!!

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