Wednesday, March 17, 2010

a bit of bidding!

always a lover of a bargain!!
not often that I actually get one these days.
too busy to get to the opp shops
however have discovered across from where I work
there is an auction house!
so I have taken to popping over on a monday for a look,
put in my absentee bids
and sometimes oh happy days, I get the winning bid.
the gorgeous cabinet above cost the huge sum of $17
I paid a little more for this beautiful chaise, however,
have been after one for many years.
I then went straight to buy new foam for the new cover.
now to get to work on some comfy cushions to adorn it.
be sure to check out
for some other gorgeous thrify finds!


  1. Katie - what gorgeous lounge! And $17 bucks for the cabinet!!! Where is this place...

  2. I love that chaise! They always look so glamourous. You just need come cushions, arm yourself with a cocktail and you're set!

  3. I know, look out once I've made the cushions!!
    Mel, Kerley's in geelong inspection mondays, auction tuesdays! EVERY WEEK!!
    Love it.

  4. Oh my lordy, I could make a sneaky peek on Monday whilst at work. Absolutely loooooove the chaise lounge. Great finds. I'm tipping you'll be sharing quite a number of bargains from this place in the near future.

  5. Simply gorgeous. That fabric looks so cool on the chaise, good choice!

  6. Just gorgeous! That chaise is to die for!!