Tuesday, March 30, 2010

why wouldnt you have a rockwall in your yard!?!

wouldn't you have a rockwall in your front yard if you could!?!
actually it is a base.
a highly dangerous base built from rocks a neighbour was getting rid of, stumps of wood from our old beautiful tree that had to be cut down, old boat oars, and everything else that could be scavanged for the effort!
of course, its for the girls too,
with a singing and dancing streamer twirling girl!
the base seems to grow each day

with what seems to be more dangerous booby traps!!
sling shots, catapults, you name it it's there!
be afraid, be very afraid!

well, at least the constant improvements and renovations keep them happy and occupied over the holidays. gotta love that!!!


  1. That's great, so much fun to be had! I do love a rockwall though, my parents have one & it looks brilliant as thier entrance...