Monday, August 9, 2010

At My House....

It's been a big week at my house this week
everything seemed to focus around teeth!!
Tuesday I had my wisdom teeth out. yep, all 4 heavily impacted!
plus another broken tooth, long story, began some 25 odd years ago when the tooth first came through!
had a nice metal post put into my bone for a newy tooth to be attatched to.
quite devastating really. but my glass is half full, and I have lot's of eating left in my life to do.
so on with the show.
much healing to be done!
the same day my surgery occured, my middle 5 star, lost her top tooth.
3 days later, lost the other top tooth.
I LOVE this gapped look on the kids.
Everytime she walks past me, she gives me the most massive smile.
makes me giggle. (which hurts my cheeks)
7 missing teeth later,
that's what's happened at my house...
to check out what's happening at someone elses house
pop on over here!!


  1. What a massive week you guys have had, I hope you're feeling better & the swelling has gone down. I love that big toothless grin, priceless!

  2. Just'll never have to do that again! I feel your pain. Had 4 out in the chair myself. Just agony. Hope you are recovering well. Clearly your daughter has gone out in sympathy for you - like only daughter's can!

  3. Love the gappy smile, so gorgeous!
    Glad you are on the mend lovey, those chocolate bullets have your name on them!!!!

  4. Paul said that was very nasty to give me something I can't eat for ages!!
    I don't mind. it's the most restraint I've ever had to have.

  5. took me a week to recover from having my wisdom teeth out....and there was only so much jelly, ice-cream & mashed potato I could enjoy LOL! Your daughter is so cute...I love the toothless grin :)

  6. Aaaah.....wisdom teeth removal, I thought I'd blocked those memories out, but apparently not....

    You're over the worst now.

  7. Oh wisdom teeth out brings back terrible memories for me as well. I had no idea my face (cheeks) could stretch SO far and look so 'not like me'. I hope your recovery goes smoothly. It certainly has been all about teeth at your house. Your little one must be so proud - cute!

    You might not think it was cruel to give you those lollies when you can't eat them but I think it is cruel to put them on your blog. I have eaten my dinner, still a little hungry, looking for something sweet, digging through all the cupboards and not finding anything...then here, the perfect sweet, but out of reach!!!

    Thanks for joining in again this week ;) Lou.

  8. How cute is that big gummy smile?!

  9. well the tooth fairy better be generous to you and your daughter!!! and stay away from that lolly jar!! Have a great week!

  10. Love the toothless grin :) My daughter has lost two teeth now and I have been amazed at what the tooth fairy dishes out at some houses these days! Inflation! currently one of her top teeth is sticking out front on a very garish angle with the other pushing it from behind. Looks pretty funny.
    All the best with your recovery!!`