Monday, August 23, 2010

My Place and Yours....

I thought this one sounded a bit fun, a bit like snooping through someones bathroom cupboards.
noooo, we don't do that do we!?!
so this is my handbag, the MOST awesome LEGO bag that was a gift from my sister from LEGOLAND in Denmark!
so super cool, the zipperpull is even a lego block!!
ok, so it's a big bag, and today being a work day there was extra stuff in there,
asthma puffa, deodorant, eyedrops, pawpaw lip balm,
notepads, sunnies, wallet, phone, keys, a stack of my new business cards,
a few neurofen, my eco carry bag,
my voucher for spotlight (just incase I happen to go past in the next few days)
and yes, a tapemeasure, go figure...
oh, and a remnant of fabric from work.
I told you it was a big bag!!
to check out whats in someone elses handbag
pop on over here!!


  1. Where are the choc bullets and nasal spray?

  2. OHHH that is a very cool bag! I also had that Spotlight voucher in my bag until yesterday..... it's not hard to get to the $100 mark :(

  3. I LOVE that lego bag! It's amazing the stuff that ends up in our bags, isn't it! though most of yours does seem esential, and you never know when you might be passing spotlight, or need a tape measure...

  4. What a gorgeous bag. I carry a tape measure around too, but I'm not sure why!

  5. Mandy, still can't manage the bullets. will have to be a christmas treat when all is back to normal in the mouth department!
    the nasal spray is next to the bed!! not quite the addict I was. or you are!!

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  7. That's such a cool bag! My son would love that bag.

  8. i LOVE your bag!! so jealous ;) and a cute little purse too :) x

  9. hi! my name is Rebecka and i'm from sweden. I was googling and i found a picture of your bag and i'm looking for just that sort of bag, i read that you got it at legoland but do you have ANY idea if you could order it somewhere? :S


    and please respond in my blog! :)