Friday, December 17, 2010

handmade christmas challenge.

I know, I've been very absent from the Handmade Christmas Challenge, I was still thinking of you all, and making and buying handmade, but I've been so busy, I had hardly a moment to join the blogging fun. so here is my last entry!
so, I've had a year to prepare a santa sack for my niece.
in that year, another niece and nephew were added to the collection, making it 3 santa sacks to be done.
of course, me being the type that I am, I started them on wednesday.
anywho, here they are in all their finished glory, handmade santa sacks for 3 precious babies.

what to make for someone who has everthing?? I made this scarf for my Nan. she is away this christmas, so it had to be small to fit in her luggage.
I also made one for my mum aswell as a new handbag, which I will show you soon.
for more handmade christmas, pop on over to Tracy at Knicky Knacks!!


  1. Gorgeous! Those sacks are beautiful & such a perfect gift idea for new babies, lovely work! Will catch up during the holidays I hope, in the meantime have a wonderful & joyous christmas! x

  2. Love the santa sacks and that scarf looks gorgeous. Thanks so much for joining in on the Challenge. Have a beautiful Christmas and look forward to seeing you again in the playground! Trace x