Sunday, January 23, 2011

Things I love...Day 1

summer time when the weather is fine.
well, there hasn't really been much of that lately.
I have been feeling a little anxious about some upcoming surgery
and have begun looking at life and what I see everyday in a new light.
to appreciate the small things, the beauty that is all around us that we simply walk past not noticing.
so my project the next few weeks,
(and I will really really try to do this as often as I can)
to put up a photo of things I love.
there may be no words, there be no explanation, but they are my small things in life!


  1. what a beautiful idea..I'll look forward to sharing in your small things! I do love your "love" buntings too...

  2. just wanted to pop in say good luck for your surgery. hope it's nothing too serious and you are back sewing happily again soon. love the dress you made for your brothers wedding. how nice must it be to be able to do that.

    (-: linda