Monday, April 18, 2011

living on the edge...

I have become a very absent blogger, oh well, me bad!!

sometimes somethings gotta give, and generally its the blog.

whilst I love to peruse all y'alls blogs, I feel I have no energy left to write up witty posts myself.

I had to print up these tee's cause that is so often me!!

I always blog about being a bad blogger, I promise to be better, and well, I never come through with the goods. so sorry...

but be sure to check out my facebook page,

as I get on there regularily with my new designs and my where abouts!!

I do however promise, when I have something exciting to write about, I will most certainly drop back in!!


  1. Mandy, I'm exactly the same. Don't punish yourself though. I think Blogging has its limits to be honest. I'd blog and everything around me would be put on hold. I've just decided that life gets priority over blogging these days. I doubt when I'm old and frail I'll regret not blogging enough!

  2. Katie, I've done it again - called you Mandy. Sorry darl. See you at school!