Monday, May 23, 2011

cushion swap-o-rama!!

I decided to take part in a fabulous cushion swap organised by Vic over at Punky & Me

first swap I've ever done. cause I'm usually too disorganised to do such things.

ok so I get the email today that it was postal day for our cushions!!

ummm, well, can I just say I was at work today and missed the post.

and ummm, well I'd been thinking lot's about making the cushion, but just had not yet actually done it. (and there's that disorganisation!)

so after choking down my dinner, chucking the kids into bed, and totally ignoring the husband, I got to it and voila!!

and why is this photo sideways you ask. beats me!

I had screen printed the fabric a while back and had been meaning to make cushions with it.

the design although it looks like a feather, is actually seaweed that I collected on a cruise down the river in our kayak

as red is my fav. colour, I had to add it on the back. nice contrast to go with the classic design on the front.

I hope my receiver enjoys it

pop on over here to check out links to all the other fab cusions!!

can't wait to get mine, I will share pic's when it arrives!!


  1. My goodness, it's gorgeous! That print on the front - wow! She will absolutely love it :)

  2. Looks great Katie, I'm sure whoever recieves it will adore it.

  3. Wow, this is gorgeous and I can't believe you made it in next to no time.

  4. I love the print too. Congrats on extremely efficient time management!

  5. Oh that is NICE! Well done on doing such a fabulous job so damn fast...!

  6. Gorgeous! Glad to hear you like red... me too! :)

  7. So very cool. I am very impressed by your speed!

  8. Wow very stylish I loved the print

  9. Can't believe this was a last-minute project! I love your feathery seaweed print.

  10. Thank you thank you thankyou! It arrived in the post today and I love it!