Friday, May 7, 2010

and the tears of laughter came rolling in!!

while mindlessly roaming the internet today I came across this website.
before I knew it, I was in fits of hysteria.
tears rolling down my cheeks.
so ridiculously silly and hilarious
well, I simply can't explain it.
you must take a look for yourselves.
obviously not to all senses of humour, but totally up my alley.........


  1. I know it's not very PC, but that last one is hilarious! Thanks for the giggle!

  2. I share your sense of humour - fantastic! Nothing better than a good laugh that brings tears.

  3. Ok, I had to just tell you that since posting my comment above, I jumped on the site and I'm practically wetting my pants. I am laughing so hard and my two girls, hanging off me are asking "what are you laughing about mummy" - thank goodness they can't read yet! The mother's day cards as soooo wrong but soooo bloody funny. The Tiger Woods Golf Card tipped me over the edge into insane laughter! Thanks for sharing. Oh, and we have to catch up for a coffee sooner rather than later.

  4. Maybe we need to get together for coffee and check out the website together........completely in love with them.

  5. coffee sounds fabulous! wednesdays or thursdays are great for me!!
    email me