Tuesday, May 25, 2010

My Place and Yours....

my favourite watering can from my husbands grandfathers sacred shed
my beautiful slice dish that my grandmother got for her 21st she gave it to me 2 years ago, when I told her how beautiful it was. Such an amazing inspiration in my life.

inherited bits and pieces of various teasets

so much explanation about the history of this one.....
the old wooden boxes also from my husbands grandfathers shed. they are treasured in my work room thankyou Jimmy!
an old hemming whatsamecallit measuring stick thingy and a tin spool of elastic from my grandma
gorgeous old thrifted wooden spools
and a thrifted cigar box up the top
this weeks theme picked by A boy's mummy
she has chosen, preloved, inherited or thrifted
also check out hello owl for more great treasures


  1. That green tea set is so gorgeous.

  2. Oh all so gorgeous! I love the tray & tea set...very special.

  3. wow I love the slice dish and the various tea set bits and pieces. Like you I love the stories behind the items.