Tuesday, May 18, 2010

my place and yours.....

my place and yours.....
the theme this week is YELLOW
not at easy one in my house
but I looked on the wall, and there was my beautiful
Mothers Day card still in the devine love heart that I was given.
I had to add the fly swat into the picture, the all expected gift from the mothers day stall at school!! they come with lollies made into a fly shape,
generally, though, the lollies have mysteriously dissapeared by the time parents receive the gift!!
I wandered into my work room to be confronted with my drawers
exploding with yellow also.
to check out more yellow spaces, be sure to pop on over to hello owl


  1. Very nice - I have the same love heart also. It's fantastic to hang the kids art work on.

  2. What a great idea the love-heart is. The fly swatter cracked me up!