Saturday, June 26, 2010

flea market find....well not really...

hello my beautiful new lockers....
I was given this set of lockers by a friend.
I spotted them in their backyard a while back,
not being backwards in coming forwards, I mentioned just incase they ever felt the need to dispose of them, I knew of a grateful new home!!
and well, got the phone call last week.
come and get the lockers, they are all yours
well you can imaging my excitement, and my husbands lack of!!
as this friend is a plumber, all the handles on each locker are old tap handles.
too cool for words.
one day I may bring her back to all her former glory with a sandblast and splash of paint.
but for now, I love the rust.
they will be great for storing the kids bike helmets and other bits and pieces in!
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  1. I LOVE them, what a score! They'll come in so handy...and look fabulous!