Wednesday, June 16, 2010

my place and yours...

well here is my creative space!

this week, I may actually be able to get this uploaded in time for the actual creative space game.

hmmm, does anyone else struggle to find the time to keep up with all the computer blogging, facebook, co-ops, the list goes on.

I have been so busy of late, I have hardly even been on the computer. I know, quite a shock, as I tend to be that person who will sit at the computer and google aimlessly blog surfing, but never finding the right thing to put on mine.

anywho, this fabric arrived today, so instantly I whipped out this lotus fabric and had to make this skirt.

I have been busy preparing for the sugar and spice children's market in woodend

on this weekend

be sure to check out their blog, and if your in the area, pop on in, its indoors and warm and toasty!!

I was going to keep this fabric bundle for summer, but couldnt resist making up just this one simple skirt with it.

for more creative spaces pop on over to kootoyoo


  1. It's gorgeous Katie, love the fabric! Soooo want to get to Sugar & Spice this weekend..trying to fob off a play date...

  2. I hope the market is a roaring success for you.

  3. That skirt is beautiful...I am a aimless surfer too...

  4. i love the skirt. good luck at the market, it sounds like a lovely one

  5. That is such a lovely skirt - I hope you have a great day at the markets!

  6. oh, thankyou all for such lovely comments.

  7. hey we are going to be neighbours at Sugar and spice! Love your creations - they are adorable (and your fabric) - happy sewing and see you Sunday...

  8. That's a very pretty skirt!