Monday, June 7, 2010

hats off to you!!

a little bit of a woollen fabric addiction.
at least the fabric is not sitting in my cupboard.
no, it's actually covering my dining table.
oh, and the floor around the table, with another pile in my workroom, falling onto the floor also.
yep. my name is Katie, and I am a fabric addict.
so what could be as cool as this weather we are having?
well, I'd reckon these hats are pretty awesome or 'totally sick' as my 4 year old says
these hats below looked way cooler when the photo was the right way, but I guess a little
wacky like me, it's uploaded sideways. hmmm,
stick to the machine not the computer perhaps.
this isn't my creative space, since you can't actually see anything other than the mess,
but it has surfaced out of my creative space.
hope you like...

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