Monday, July 12, 2010

At my house...

At my house this week...
Happy Birthday to Daddy 5 star today!!
after school my 3 5 stars decorated a cake at their grandma's house
it looks fabulous of course.
after dinner we let them choose which part of the cake they wanted to eat.
littlest 5 star wanted the hat cause it had no farties (smarties) on it.
must say, I don't fancy eating farties myself!!!
oldest 5 star wanted the arm, cause it had the MOST smarties and marshmallows
malcom in the middle 5 star, well, she wanted the bit cut out in the middle.
yep, she asked for the arse.
in those words too. hmmmm
then youngest 5 star made a party hat for Dad.
it's those things that make your day special!
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  1. Love the cake. Kids just love birthdays. It doesn't matter whose birthday it is!

  2. That cake looks great. Don't kids just say the funniest things? I don't think I'd be up for 'farties' either (or arse actually) - cute! Dad looks like he had a great day. Happy birthday to him.

    Thanks for joining in this week. Lou.

  3. That's gorgeous! What a great looking cake & I love the birthday hats, very special...Happy Birthday to Paul!!