Thursday, July 8, 2010

My creative space...

busy busy this week doing not really a whole lot.
It's school holidays in our neck of the woods,
which means not a lot gets done besides being the queen of cleaning and food preparation!
being so so cold at night I have taken to perching in front of the heater
so took the time to restock a few hair accessory tins
with now over 70 done, I think It's time to get on to other awaiting orders.
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  1. These are so sweet. I can't wait til my little girl has enough hair to be able to actually put some clips and things into!! Nearly 2 and it's just wispy blondeness everywhere.

  2. You present them so well, they look great in their tins..

  3. Wow - look at you go. They look beautiful. Great for Chrissy. Hope you sell truck loads. Hey, weather permitting, we were going to meet at the OG park tomorrow morning around 10ish if you are interested.

  4. thanks everyone!!
    am working tomorrow otherwise would have loved to Tracey, have fun though!

  5. the look so cute, I just love the owl fabric ones ♥

  6. busy! you are a machine. enjoy the last few days of holidays