Saturday, July 31, 2010

handmade Christmas challenge...

this is the preparation for my mum's christmas present.
my mum has classic beautiful style
so decided I am going to print onto some linen with my favourite screen print design
and make her a new scarf or two
so just bought some natural coloured and baby pink linen today.
stay tuned for finished gifts!!
for more handmade christmas pop on over here!


  1. wow - what a wonderful plan!! I would love to know how to screen print and plan to one day do a course so i learn how - so many crafts - no little time!! Your mum will love it and look forward to the progress ;-)

  2. Do have any decorative ideas for my Baby Boutique ..i would like to know it..!!! you are awesome artist and maker!!!Great!! Baby Boutique

  3. What a wonderful idea - Katie, your talents are many!!!! Can't wait to see the finished product. Thanks for joining in the challenge this week. Hope to see you around at School. Trace :)

  4. I love linen, can't wait to see what happens and would love for you to let us know how you go about completing it.